Saturday, March 14, 2020

The seven methods of healing Essay Example

The seven methods of healing Essay Example The seven methods of healing Essay The seven methods of healing Essay Your Personal Experience: Loss of an Infant son to KIDS. Principle of Healing Application of the Principle to Your Experience Application of Skills to Manage Symptoms Due to lack of resources and knowledge I didnt know how to manage symptoms of the loss. Today if I were to help a client deal with a loss as such, Explain that everyday will be tough to face, but staying in the now the current day will help, there is a time to look back to what has happened but it does help to stay In the now Focus on what Is happening at the moment not what has happened In the past. Give yourself a mime to remember and to grieve, but not all the time. Processing of Integration of Traumatic Memories Traumatic Memories will occur, being able to accept the traumatic event will ease the pain, slowly accept the fact that you are safe and in control and will remain that way. Talking about feelings and memories may help bring light and a new perspective about the loss, and some understanding that may help remembering the tragic event as a strengthening agent Instead of a traumatic event relived. Replacing Avoidance with Confrontation This particular healing process is very tough, clients may feel so tired to the point of exhaustion. Learning to know that the feelings are arising and realizing they are not in control, you have the power to take control over your feelings and dramatic memories. Remembering that if we Just avoid those memories we can never master confrontation. Describe the Climate of Pacing and Safety The healing process takes time, It dont happen overnight, you have good days and bad days. This step is about learning to walk again, you must put one foot in front of you will reach the point of slowly realizing that everyday was worth going forward. Utilizing Intact Boundaries Knowing that foundries give a feeling of inner strength. Taking control of your linings, and knowing that you are the only one that can have such control over your feelings, it makes for the healing process smoother The only one that can control you and your feelings is YOU. Awareness and Acceptance of Feelings Everyone wants to belong and be accepted for who they are Hen somebody experiences a loss or traumatic experience they may seem that they are Judged, or looked down upon, and that makes for the healing process to be even more difficult, reassuring the client that they matter and how they feel is important and they are accepted Just as the are, it will help them deal a little easier with POTS. Outbalance In life it is so important to have balance no matter what the situation. When one experie nces the loss of a child it is very difficult to NOT allow the loss to consume you. As mentioned earlier, allow yourself to grieve and a given time, remember that in life there are no promises, Just reassurance of peace and comfort through Christ Jesus. Some clients may not want to hear about Jesus, and that is understandable, but they do need to realize Christ is NOT of this world, for we live in a cold broken world full of sin, and Jesus is always present in spirit, he provides the relief one may need or seeks in a major loss of a loved one.

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